Prep_chem_sources.inp for global WRF run

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Prep_chem_sources.inp for global WRF run

Postby ivan » Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:27 pm

Dear Collegues,

I have question concerning input file of the PREP_CHEM_SOURCES program when emission data are to be prepared for WRF/CHEM running globally. When WRF is running in limited area domain there is more or less clear correspondence between the parameters in prep_chem_sources.inp and in namelist.wps. But I am not very sure about the case when WRF is running globally.

I have 1 global domain and in particular in my namelist.wps I have the following settings (only relevant parameters are listed):

parent_id = 1
i_parent_start = 1
j_parent_start = 1
e_we = 151
e_sn = 75
map_proj = 'lat-lon',
stand_lon = 0.
pole_lat = 90.0
pole_lon = 0.0

What parameters I should set in prep_chem_sources.inp?
I choose the following settings quite intuitively (I explain my choices in comments), is this correct?
My settings in prep_chem_sources.inp:

grid_type= 'll',

grid_resolucao_lon=2.38410596, ! grid_resolucao_lon=360/151 according to settings in namelist.wps
grid_resolucao_lat=2.43243243, ! the same grid_resolucao_lat=180/74

nlat=75, ! according to namelist.wps
lon_beg = 0., ! according to pole_lon from namelist.wps
lat_beg = 90., ! according to pole_lat from namelist.wps
delta_lon = 360., ! total long extension of the domain (360 for global)
delta_lat = 180., ! total lat extension of the domain (180 for global)

! The parameters below are for regional domain as comments in prep_chem_sources.inp file say. But I am not completely sure that they are not required for global domain and put on the following parameters

NGRIDS = 1, ! Number of grids to run

NNXP = 151, ! Number of x gridpoints - same as in namelist.wps
NNYP = 75, ! Number of y gridpoints - same as in namelist.wps
NXTNEST = 0 ! Grid number which is the next coarser grid
DELTAX = 266825.9
DELTAY = 270431.7 !according to the results of geogrid.exe based on namelist.wps settings. The same parameters are written in !namelist.input of WRF

POLELAT = 90., ! the same as in namelist.wps
POLELON = 0. ! ! the same as in namelist.wps

I remain the parameters CENTLAT, CENTLON, STDLAT1 , STDLAT2 unchanged since I suppose they will not be used in my case.

I will be very grateful for any kind of explanations regarding this question. If somebody has example of namelist.wps for global wrf run and the corresponding prep_chem_sources.inp I will be very grateful for sending it.
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Re: Prep_chem_sources.inp for global WRF run

Postby Tornerdo » Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:26 pm


Did you ever solve this problem?

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