Fix for ds083.3 GFS Analysis Datasets

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Fix for ds083.3 GFS Analysis Datasets

Postby jzambon » Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:32 pm

I've been having trouble running WRF hindcast simulations using 0.25º GFS Analysis (ds083.3) with WRF v3.4. Ungrib, using Vtable.GFS, spits out a lot of fields that seem to make it difficult for real.exe to initialize the model. I was getting a lot of "setting Qv to 0" warnings before finally failing at the first met_em file.

I figured out a solution that hopefully might be of help to other users encountering the same problem. I found this solution ( using wgrib2 that got me part of the way there. I had to remove all tropospheric data as well to get WRF to run real correctly. The full script (below) will get these datasets to work correctly. I'm not running anything newer than WRF v3.4 and am not sure if there are other Vtables included in those distributions.

I hope this helps!


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for file in gdas1*f00.grib2; do
  wgrib2 $file -for 1:4 -grib temp1
  wgrib2 $file -for 35:280 -grib temp2
  wgrib2 $file -for 294:352 -grib temp3
  cat temp1 temp2 temp3 > $file.27

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Re: Fix for ds083.3 GFS Analysis Datasets

Postby panb » Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:30 pm


Thanks for sharing the updated Vtable. I've used the same dataset for my WRF simulation. Have you looked at soil moisture(SM000010, SM010040, SM040100, SM100200) and soil temperature(ST000010, ST010040, ST040100, ST100200) in your met_em.d0* files? My met files obtain some extreme values up to 1E+20 in these variables. Any suggestion on that?

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