Increase Eta level and decrease dzbot -

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Increase Eta level and decrease dzbot -

Postby L Alvarez » Fri Aug 16, 2019 7:26 pm

Hello there,

I need to increase my number of eta vertical levels, increasing the levels to low levels.
What appears below works, but if I decrease the dzbot to 15, 20 or 30, the WRF model always stops. I have also modified these parameters dzstretch_s and dzstretch_u, but without success.

e_vert = 45,45,45,45,
p_top_requested = 5000,
!sfcp_to_sfcp = .true.,
auto_levels_opt = 2,
max_dz = 1000,
dzbot = 50,
dzstretch_s = 1.5,
dzstretch_u = 1.3,

Modify this part, is it related to the time step or the resolution of the domain?..
Anyone have a configuration that works with high resolutions eta levels and a low dzbot?..

Best regards,

L Alvarez
L Alvarez
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