How to find the daily average of QVAPOR

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How to find the daily average of QVAPOR

Postby dileepkunjaai » Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:56 am

Dear All,
I am running WRF V3.9.1 for 30 year period. I am making the simulation as daily time. So I made the
history_interval = 1440,

But WRF giving the output as instantaneous values,( i.e like a screenshot). But there are options in WRF for making daily average and timestep averaging of output variables like T2, Q2, U10, V10..etc.

Code: Select all
 output_diagnostics                  = 1
 auxhist3_outname                    = "wrfxtrm_d<domain>_<date>"
 auxhist3_interval                   = 1440, 1440,
 frames_per_auxhist3                 = 120, 100,
 io_form_auxhist3                    = 2

For making making average over time step for U, V and W variable, this is the option.
Code: Select all
 do_avgflx_em                        = 1,

But I couldn't find any options for a daily average or time-step average of QVAPOR (water vapour mixing ratio).
Since I am running for 30 years I couldn't make history_interval = 360, or less because of the file size problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you in advance,

Dileepkumar R
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