Domain, memory, and tile dimensions

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Domain, memory, and tile dimensions

Postby smeech » Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:10 pm

I seem to be a bit confused about the dimensionality of the domain, memory, and tile dimensions (ids,ims,its, etc.). This is just a general question about how these variables interact with each other and why you generally just don't use the domain dimensions to do operations on the field you're working on.

I see a lot of do loops that are working on the domain but they are coded like this:
DO j=jts,MIN(jte,jde-1)

If one is working on each grid point in the domain, why wouldn't the do loop be like the following:
DO j=jds,jde

In my case, the domain is set from (i,j,k): (1:73,1:73,1:61)
memory: (-4:43,-4:43,1:61)
tile: (1:36,1:36,1:61)

Do these coordinates relate to each other in some way? For example, is every 1.5 memory grid points equal to 1 domain grid point? Are the grid spacings the same for each type of coordinate? Are these grids stacked on top of each other, each with a smaller and smaller space?

I took the WRF Tutorial and listened to the talk about these but it never seemed to sink in for me. I have looked at a number of resources about this topic but they don't seem to answer my question about the usage of these indices as in depth as I would like. Any direct help or a link to a good reference is helpful.

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