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HPC requirements

Postby gislita » Thu Oct 24, 2019 6:35 am

Dear forum,
I was wondering if there is any guidance in terms of the processing requirements for running WRF with different configurations. I have been trying to find information in the web and in this forum, but I am sorry, this is not clear to me. I was wondering if somebody can point me in the right direction regarding the requirements (in terms of tflops) for running WRF with the following configuration:
- 1 model with a 7km grid (1400x700km)
- 1 model with a 2km grid (700x300km) nested to the previous one
- 2 models with a 0.5km grid (300x150km) nested to the previous one.
Forecast of five days, with assimmilation and validation/verification.
I was wondering where I can find information about hpc requirements for any WRF configuration.
Also, one last question, is it possible at this stage to use GPUs with WRF?
Thank you very much for any feedback.
Best regards
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