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OBSGRID: metoa_em and met_em

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:27 am
by gmarou

I am running OBSGRID to prepare the wrfsfdda_d01 file for surface-analysis-nudging. OBSGRID also produces metoa_em* which are used in real.exe to generate WRF input files.

I create wrfsfdda_d01 and use it in my WRF runs. But mistakenly, I have been using met_em* (which are produced from metgrid.exe of WPS) instead of metoa_em* as input to real.exe to create the rest wrf input files.

I am reading that the files metoa_em* are formatted identically to the met_em* files from metgrid.exe. The only difference is that the fields in these files now incorporate observational information.

My question is this: since I have the surface-analysis-nudging on in my runs, how big is the impact of having used met_em* instead of metoa_em* ?

Thanks a lot!