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Error while running WPS with HRRR data

PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 2:32 pm
by VRavi

I'm trying to run WRF with High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) data. HRRR forecast is available every hour for next 18 hours.
When I run WPS with 00Z forecast, I'm able to run WPS and WRF successfully. However, if I do the same with, say, 12Z forecast, wps fails. In particular, while ungrib.exe reads in all files, it creates intermediate files for hours only on the start_date. Thus, say, for HRRR input of 2017/05/17 at 12z, I only get intermediate files till 23z of 2017/05/17, even though namelist.wps specifies correct start and end date. The namelist.wps file is pasted below:

Code: Select all
 wrf_core = 'ARW',
 max_dom = 1,
 start_date = '2017-05-16-12:00:00','2006-08-16_12:00:00',
 end_date   = '2017-05-17-06:00:00','2006-08-16_12:00:00',
 interval_seconds = 3600
 io_form_geogrid = 2,
 debug_level = 1500

 parent_id         =   1,   1,
 parent_grid_ratio =   1,   3,
 i_parent_start    =   1,  31,
 j_parent_start    =   1,  17,
 e_we              =  285, 380,
 e_sn              =  258, 344,
 geog_data_res = 'default','default',
 dx = 4000,
 dy = 4000,
 map_proj = 'lambert',
 ref_lat   =  44.98,
 ref_lon   = -118.00,
 truelat1  =  30.0,
 truelat2  =  60.0,
 stand_lon = -121.0,

 geog_data_path = '/home/user_name/models/WRF3.8.1/BUILD/GEOG/'
 out_format = 'WPS',
 prefix = 'HRRR2WRF',

 fg_name = 'HRRR2WRF'
 io_form_metgrid = 2,

Any thoughts why I can't get WPS to process all 18 hours? I greatly appreciate any help on this.


Re: Error while running WPS with HRRR data

PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:18 pm
by sanspace

I am also facing the issue in running WRF/WPS with HRRR data. I can run ungrib and metgrid, but the NUM_METGRID_SOIL_LEVELS in my metgrid output files (met_em.d01.*) are zero (NUM_METGRID_SOIL_LEVELS = 0). So I am facing issue in running real.exe.

Please tell me the value of NUM_METGRID_SOIL_LEVELS in your met_em.d01.* files. Also please tell me where I can find right vtable, possible please send you vtable to


Re: Error while running WPS with HRRR data

PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:34 pm
by VRavi

Sorry that I didn't see this earlier. I have NUM_METGRID_SOIL_LEVELS = 9 in my met_em.d01.* files.
I've been using my own Vtable, but if you still haven't resolved the problem you can download newer WRF, v3.9.1 comes with Vtable that can be used for HRRR data (look for the following: Vtable.raphrrr).

Hope this solves the problem.