avg_tsfc.exe not working as described

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avg_tsfc.exe not working as described

Postby bronbron85 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:53 am

I am running a WRF simulation over a lake (using V3.8.1) and am trying to find the best method to best represent the surface temperature of the lake. One method is to run the avg_tsfc.exe utility program to create the TAVGSFC file which according to the ARW User’s Guide should contain "a daily-average of the surface air temperature field, which will be substituted for the SST field only over lakes". I ran the avg_tsfc.exe utility program however the TAVGSFC file did not actually contain daily means for each day of the simulation, it seemed to be a mean over the whole period. A SST which is mean of the air temperature over the whole period is not useful as it does not change over time as it would in reality. I also have done some calculations to show the temperature of my lake correlates well with a 3-day average of temperature. It would be great if the user could select the averaging period when running avg_tsfc.exe and it did not average over the whole time period. If anyone has any ideas how to fix the problem please let me know :)
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