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passive tracer

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:50 pm
by heinrich
Dear colleagues,
Is it possible to tranport a passive tracer (for instance 210Pb emitted on isolated island) using wrf-chem ? I did not find the associated option in the namelist.input file nor the corresponding subroutine in WRFV3/chem.
Thanks in advance, Ph. heinrich

Re: passive tracer

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:47 pm
by yashar
Hi Heinrich,

Were you ever able to figure out how to use WRF chem for passive tracer transport?

I too would like to be able to emit a (passive, CO2) tracer in my domain, but I'm just not clear how
I would do this with WRF-Chem. My understanding is that it would probably involve the use and modification
of emiss_v03.F (for, e.g., WRF v3.3.1) in such a way that it skips the reading of the NEI data sets and instead fills the output array EM3RD(I,K,J,N). One can then use the array ENAME in emiss_v03.F to get the name and order of the emitted species (e.g., co2). There doesn't seem to be any detailed documentation or examples/tutorials on exactly how to do this (?)

I think one would also need to set chem_opt = 13 or 14 in namelist.input .

Any ideas? Thanks.

Re: passive tracer

PostPosted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:48 pm
by Felixcarrasco
Finally guys, did you get a soiution for your problem?

My idea is to run an fictitious emission scenario (e.g., CO) using the chem_opt=14 (single tracer run). But I can not understand what is the variable that should be included in the wrfchemi_d01 for the tracer.

By now my methodology consist to construct the emission using the prep_chem_sources for the domain (in this case in Buenos Aires). Then I modified with matlab and turn zero for every other emission compound except for CO (E_CO variable), but when I ran this the variable in the wrfout "tracer_1" it only gives values that clearly are not related with the emission scenario of the CO. Is there any other variables that should be included in the chem namelist for a succesful run?

I've already setup the variables tracer_opt and tracer_adv_opt in the dynamics section.

Any namelist suggestion for this run? or to generate an emission scenario for the run.

Best regards

Re: passive tracer

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 4:44 pm
by David
Hi Felixcarrasco,

In december 2013, was published a new guide of WRF entitled "WRF-Chem Emissions Guide", could serve to solve your problem (you can find the guide in google)

On the other hand, you can download a fortran file called emiss_v03_tracer.F, wich can be adapted to introduce your own emissions, however in my case, i have not solved yet how define the domain correctly, because when i run convert_emiss.exe, the error is as follows:

At line 917 of file convert_emiss.f90 (unit = 91, file = 'wrfem_00to12z_d01')
Fortran runtime error: I/O past end of record on unformatted file

Did you tried to do this way?

Best regards.



Re: passive tracer

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:15 pm
by WRFstudy
Hi!it is nice to see this topic for me,as I am doing the same work on the trace.I use the emiss_v03_tracer.F to generate the wrfem_00to12Z and wrfem_12to24Z,but coming an error with (forrtl: severe (67): input statement requires too much data, unit 91, file wrfem_00to12Z).Have you solved this problem?any ideas for me?Thank you !