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Analysis and true state of the atmosphere

PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:17 am
by Waroc
Hello Wrfhelp,

I read a very interesting blogpost here about difference between GFS and Analysis ... d-fnl.html

In fact I 'm looking for answers to my methodology of experience.

Am I right if I say :

1- Running wrf from GDAS (for a paste date ; for example the 12th of November 2017) gives me the true state of the atmosphere of what happened this day ?
2- Analysis can be considered as the true state of the atmosphere for the past ?

I thought yes, but I have a doubt because when I compare "wrf run from gdas" and "wrf run from gfs", wrf results from gdas are closer to weather stations than wrf results from gfs but not so much.
Even, sometimes they are worst than wrf results from gfs.

My goal is to run my wrf to build the "perfect true state of the atmosphere" for a past date.

What is the right method ?

Thank you very much for your advises.