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Generating a time animation from Conus-2.5km data

PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:00 am
by Dr Kapoor

I am new to WRF and am trying to generate a time animation from the result of Conus-2.5km data set. By default, at the end of this 3 hour simulation, I just see the following output file,
which corresponds to the results at the last time step at 12:00:00.

I am wondering if there is a parameter I can change in the namelist.input file to get the results at all time steps so that I can generate an animation?

Also, in the associated README file for Conus-2.5km, I see the following,
" THe namelist, boundary, and restart files are sufficient to generate a single output
time period of the WRF model."

I am wondering why there is a mention of creating a single output time period here!

Please advise.

Best regards