VAPOR 1.5.2 release

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VAPOR 1.5.2 release

Postby alan » Tue Nov 17, 2009 12:45 pm

VAPOR version 1.5.2 has been released. This is primarily a bug fix release, however a few minor features have been added as described below. Of particular interest to WRF users is the support for overlaying multiple semi-transparent geo-referenced images such as political boundaries and rivers over a satellite terrain image.

Installation images for Mac, Windows and Linux are available at

New Features
Improved support for transparency

VAPOR now provides limited support for display of semi-transparent surfaces. Multiple two-dimensional semi-transparent surfaces (Probe, 2DData, and Image) will correctly display in a scene provided:

* The surfaces do not intersect each other
* All the surfaces do intersect the line from the camera to the scene rotation center

This capability enables users to apply multiple images upon a terrain surface image (e.g. political boundaries, rivers, etc.) by positioning the partially transparent surfaces slightly above the terrain image. If there are additional semi-transparent shapes in the scene (volume rendering, isosurface, flow lines) they may not render correctly. Best results are obtained by keeping semitransparent objects separated from one another and in the center of the view.

Improved diagnostics for OpenGL and for application startup. If the user sets the VAPOR_DEBUG variable, the console will report more extensive information about the graphics capabilities and the initial progress of the application. This can be useful in understanding many VAPOR failures. On Windows, these messages are reported to the log file.
Bug Fixes

This patch release fixes several significant bugs:

2895315 VAPOR crash on launch with some older graphics cards.

2884062 Failed conversion of NCL images, particularly on Cygwin-X platforms.

2861792 Failure to load some semi-transparent tiff images.

2873771 Memory overflow with long sequences of terrain-mapped images

2877208 Corrupted images when probe and 2d images displayed together

2841152 OpenGL errors when probe is rotated.

A complete list of bugs fixed by this release may be found on the SourceForge VAPOR project web site:
Known Bugs and Workarounds

2210024 Unsteady flow integration results are incorrect if the domain is moving in time.

2877268 Changing region position can change its size as a side-effect (if position changed with slider in gui)

Various problems occur with older or less capable graphics cards. For example, many Intel cards will not render isosurfaces correctly.

A full list of known bugs can be found on the SourceForge VAPOR project web site:
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