Error in hcondraw

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Error in hcondraw

Postby domagojp » Mon May 06, 2019 11:10 am

I am trying to create plots with specific and constant legend bar but am getting this error:

hcondraw is trying to define color number
256, but 255 is the limit. Try increasing
the contour interval, or reduce the number
of colors defined in the color table.

This is the relevant part of the .in file:
feld=pblh; ptyp=hc; linw=2; smth=2; cmth=fill; cbeg=75; cend=10000; arng;>
ncon=9999; tslb=.01; wdbr=.07;>
feld=map; ptyp=hb; ouds=solid; oulw=3; cint=4.
feld=map; ptyp=hb; outy=us_county.ascii; ouds=dot; oulw=2; cint=4.
feld=tic; ptyp=hb; axlg=20

Any help appreciated.
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