gen_be error ???

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gen_be error ???

Postby pedrobele » Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:40 am

Hello everyone.

I know I am repeating the same question,
I get an error in gen_be (for all, CV5, CV6 and CV7), in stage2:

[3] Calculate eigenvectors, eigenvalues and inverse for psi/psi covariance
Mode Eigenvalue Cumulative Variance e(k,k)
1 0.0000E+00 NaN 0.0000E+00
2 0.0000E+00 NaN -0.0000E+00

gives the this error in diagnostics stage:
At line 2555 of file da_gen_be.f (unit = 24, file = 'psi/sl_print.psi')
Fortran runtime error: End of file

and probably is related with the "no converge"
Fatal error in file: LINE: 40
Error in decomposition, info = 39
(the algorithm failed to converge in DSYEV)

Possibilities (found at the forum)

1) availability of the wrfout files in the correct folders, CHECK (are all correct)

2) try recompiling in serial (or distributed), CHECK (the same error in both situations)

3) the number of vertical levels in gen_be_wrapper.ksh was wrong, CHECK (is correct)

4) compiling LAPACK/BLAS with or without -r8, NO MAKE SENSE (gen_de uses always the double precision version)

Same details, my system is linux, I used the ERA-Interim data for run one month (wrfout files), and i, j, k dimensions are 159 139 50
Is there any limitation in the dimensions?

I tried all possibilities, without success, someone found the solution?
Any idea ?
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