A confused problem when running WRFDA--Wrong xb time found?

Issues with running 3DVAR.

A confused problem when running WRFDA--Wrong xb time found?

Postby xwLi » Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:20 am

Hello everyone,
Now, I intend to do some studies on the typhoon prediction , which occurred in the northwest Pacific ocean. The numerical model is WRF(ARW)V3.2, and the corresponding data assimilation system WRFDA . The data from NCEP global final analysis (FNL) on a 1.0° X1.0° grid were used to provide boundary conditions for numerical simulations. Instead of directly using NCEP FNL analysis for the first guess in the 3DVAR experiments, a WRF simulation, initialized by the WRF standard initialization process package usingthe NCEP FNL analysis, was first integrated 6 h to provide a first-guess field for 3DVAR data assimilation. (for example ,I want to do data assimilation at September 17th 18UTC,with the first-guess field was provided after a 6h integrating from the NCEP FNL analysis at September 17th12UTC) But, everytime I run the WRFDA system, I meet the following warning message .
----------------------- WARNING ---------------------------

WARNING FROM FILE: <A HREF="http://www.mmm.ucar.edu/people/wrfhelp/wrfvar/code/

trunk/da_setup_firstguess_wrf.html">da_setup_firstguess_wrf.inc</a> LINE: 46

xb_date=2010-09-17_12:00:00.0000 an_date=2010-09-17_18:00:00.0000

diff= 21600 ANALYSIS_ACCU= 900

=======> Wrong xb time found???

It seems that the first-guess field is still from September 17th12UTC rather than September 17th 18UTC , is there anything wrong? will it affects my subsequent forecasting experiments ? If so ,how could I solve it ?could anyone can give me some advice or help?
Best wishes.
XWLi,October 1st
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