Global WRF 3DVar problems

Issues with running 3DVAR.

Global WRF 3DVar problems

Postby observer » Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:41 am

Dear friends!
Can somebody help me? I am trying to run Global WRF 3D-Var on SGI Altix 4700 (11 versions of icc and ifort, dm paralleliation). I have no problems with regional 3D-Var. But global one runs on 1 CPU only. Using more CPUs leads to NaN in diagnostics and an absence of results.
+ When I am trying to make some OSSE experiments (now I prepare TEMPs out of GFS analyses) the Global case performs extremely bad – enormous increments in spite of reasonable “Diagnostics of OI for sound”: Bad U and V gridded analysis increments near the North Pole and strange pressure increments along the line i=e_we. In OSSE experiments I use “serial compilation”.
&domains I use as in WRF namelist, fg_format=3 in &wrfvar7, cv_option=5 (and be.dat file was prepared). With Regional WRF 3D-Var all is Ok!!!
What is wrong with Global Data Assimilation?
Thanks in advance!
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