WRF crashes at microphysics driver call when I add variable

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WRF crashes at microphysics driver call when I add variable

Postby Tornerdo » Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:24 pm


I am trying to add cloud droplet effective radius to the WRF output in WRF3.5.1. The radius is computed in the Morrison double moment scheme. I have edited, module_microphysics_driver.F, module_mp_morr_two_moment.F, and Registry.EM_COMMON. Of note, the variable is successfully output to the first wrfout file. Here are the respective edits:

1. Added reffect_c to the subroutine call
2. Defined reffect_c as intent(inout)
REAL, DIMENSION(ims:ime, kms:kme, jms:jme), INTENT(INOUT) :: &
3. Set reffect_c equal to the radius computed in M2M:
reffect_c(i,k,j) = EFFC1D(k) !-this is inside an i and j loop

1. Added reffect_c to the driver call
2. Defined reffect_c in the driver itself:
REAL, DIMENSION( ims:ime, kms:kme, jms:jme ), &

3. Modified the mp_morr_two_moment call:
call mp_morr_two_moment(.........reffect_c=reffect_c )

1. Added:
state real reffect_c ikj misc 1 - h "RE_CLOUD" "Effective radius cloud" "microns"
2. Added reffect_c to the package group:
package morr_two_moment mp_physics==10 - moist:qv,qc,qr,qi,qs,qg;scalar:qni,qns,qnr,qng;state:rqrcuten,rqscuten,rqicuten,reffect_c

The model keeps crash on the first microphysics call. Any help would be appreciated.

All the best,
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