da_wrfvar.exe is unstable, what is the reason?

Issues with running 3DVAR.

da_wrfvar.exe is unstable, what is the reason?

Postby xiaoqingzeng » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:49 am

Obs_gts_2018-06-15_00_00_00.3DVAR has been generated
The STOP wrf_abort error occurs when you run da_wrfvar.exe and it stops.

But if I run da_wrfvar.exe a few times, I can start the calculation.

Adjusted for a long time, I don’t know where the problem is.

The following error will occur during repeated runs.
---------------------------- FATAL ERROR -------------------- ---
Fatal error in file: <A HREF="http://www.mmm.ucar.edu/people/wrfhelp/wrfvar/code/trunk/da_transfer_wrftoxb.html">da_transfer_wrftoxb.inc</a> LINE: 705
Negative height found
     93 8 ht = -0.29 terr = 0.00
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Note: The following floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_INVALID_FLAG

The error occurred in da_transfer_wrftoxb.inc
Code: Select all
  height = grid%xb%h(i,j,kts) - grid%xb%terr(i,j)
         if (height <= 0.0) then
            message(1) = "Negative height found"
            write (unit=message(2),FMT='(2I6,A,F10.2,A,F10.2)') &
               i,j,' ht = ',grid%xb%h(i,j,kts) ,' terr =  ',grid%xb%terr(i,j)
            call da_error(__FILE__,__LINE__, message(1:2))
         end if
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