Previous WRF forecast to initialize next WRf run

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Previous WRF forecast to initialize next WRf run

Postby rdumais » Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:19 pm

A question regarding a 3 km/ 1km double nest experiment I am running. In essence, I wish to perform FDDA cycling. This can be done via restart, and I understand how to do this if I execute real.exe once at the onset and create the initial 'cold start" ICs and the LBCs for the extended period I wish to perform the cycling experiment.

However, what if during some point during the cycling I wish to use (for example) a new and updated NAM forecast to modify my LBCs. How can I take a previous cycle's 3 km and 1 km nest outputs, turn them into essentially wrfinp*d01 and wrfinp*d02, and then update the LBCs?

That is, I assume I would have to run real.exe using the new NAM cycle for the new desired period of interest, create fresh wrfinp*d01 and wrfinp*d02 files, and create the new LBCs for my outer nest(wrfbdy for the 3 km nest 1 domain). However, how then do I take the previous WRF 3km and 1 km outputs from the last cycle that are coincident with my desired new initial time, modify the new wrfinp*d01 and wrfinp*d02 I just created from real, and then modify the LBCs I created from real to account for the modified ICs? It would seem somewhat similar to the process using in WRf 3DVAR cycling, but I am not sure. I am especially unsure about whether I can use the previous inner nest output to modify the new wrfinp*d02. Thanks-

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