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Display precipitation (QRAIN, RAINC RAINNC ..)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 2:02 am
by AlexLT

I am a beginner in the use of WRF. There is one thing I do not quite understand. During my simulations (reanalysis or GFS forecast) certain parameters display empty values notably RAIN, RAINNC but also ACSWUP etc.

During tutorials or opinions on the interne: it says there is no need there is no need to make any particular settings in the configuration to display them.
I also noticed that in the GFS vtable, the precipitation variable is not indicated and therefore it could be a track. However I have not found other vtable which integrates it.

Can someone guide me? Showing the precipitation is still a major parameter I think and I am confused to find no explanations.
Looking forward to reading you

Precision: I use GIS4WRF to familiarize myself with the model before a real installation.
The project administrator confirmed to me that this was not a module bug