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Data type - netCDF-4 vs 64-bit offset

PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:11 pm
by bwc

We recently just upgraded to WPS 4.1 and WRF 4.1.1 to accommodate the update to the GFS model which we are using as forcing data. Our previous runs, using WPS/WRF 3.9, have wrfout files of type '64-bit offset' when running a ncdump -k. Our runs with version 4.1.1 has files of type 'netCDF-4' but and are ~60% smaller in size. This is true of all the netCDF files generated - metgrid, geogrid, etc. The output appears to look reasonable and there are no prominent errors present.

Is this just due to much better file compression? Or am I missing something?