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Using WRF for select atmospheric variables

PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2019 6:41 pm
by WindNSails
We're not metereologists, but have wound up with a problem that WRF may be suitable for. We have some extremely basic questions that we'd love help with.

We have gathered key atmospheric variables (gh, t, u, v, q) at a handful (about 10) of key pressure levels from a reanalysis dataset for a large area (say, one hemisphere).

Our project requires a very approximate estimate of what those variables at those key pressure levels would look like 12h later.

We clearly don't have enough data to run a WRF real data simulation. Beyond that, we're confused about we should be looking at idealized data simulations or use WRF in LES mode, or something else entirely. It seems like what we want to do is run a course-grid LES simulation.

Can we use WRF for our problem? Any pointers on what feature of WRF we should be looking into?