Modifying pressure/height fields

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Modifying pressure/height fields

Postby kala » Tue Sep 14, 2021 3:44 pm

In my years long quest to simulate another Earth-like planet, I have been able to modify the topography of the planet and run some simulations. However, often times certain regions of planet result in unexplained crashes at 30 minutes into the run. Thus far, my theory is that this is because the new topography is significantly different from my source data (I am initializing with GFS data), as it can often be mitigated by reducing terrain height only, smoothing does not work. In an effort to test this theory, because I would like to use the full terrain height, I have been trying to "remove" or "add" air/mass where large variations of topography are located.

However, I have been unable to effect more than a 2-4 hPa change in surface pressure despite replacing the PRES, GHT, PSFC, and PMSL variables (in the met_em files) of every cell with the values from a single selected cell. I would think that doing this should remove any weather systems that appear in the initialization data, but everything remains relatively unchanged. I have also tried similarly with the wrfinput files to even less success. I haven't noticed that this changes anything at all. I will note I am setting topography and land mask data in the wrfinput files, not the met_em files, and this does work. So it is confusing to me that modifying the meteorological variables here does not.

So my question is, what files and variables do I need to edit to modify pressure and geopotential height fields? For example, say I just wanted a completely blank slate, no highs or lows, ridges or troughs anywhere, every cell with the same atmospheric column (+/- some random noise) and wanted to initialize from that? I am not currently concerned with editing RH, temperature, or wind.

I am running a global run (and so have no wrfbdy file) and it is a real simulation (real.exe). At this point it seems that WRF is just grabbing the initial state from the aether somehow.
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