Files have changed since the last time I ran

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Files have changed since the last time I ran

Postby kwende » Mon Jan 25, 2021 11:15 am


I'm a hobbyist and I used to run WRF simulations for the fun of it. I'm getting back into it again and tried to fire up some old Python code of mine that would download the GFS products. Unfortunately, the names have changed, and presumably too the content of the files.

The regex I used to pick out the right files to download was:


So, they were grib2 files, and had "pgrbf" in the name (as well as beginning with gfs, etc). What would be the replacement file to these files that I should be downloading now? The closest I can find would be "sfluxgrbf" files (example: gfs.t06z.sfluxgrbf000.grib2).

Unfortunately, I also have a number of broken links that would describe these files for me. It'd be great if someone could help point me to a page that'd describe what these new files contain so that I can update any other code I wrote a long time ago to use them.

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