High resolution nesting problem

Discuss the nesting capability within the model itself and any problems you might have run into.

High resolution nesting problem

Postby Gorangas » Tue Apr 01, 2014 8:08 am


I'm trying to run model with 5 domains in ratio 1:3
dx = 24000, 8000, 2666.667, 888.889, 296.296,
dy = 24000, 8000, 2666.667, 888.889, 296.296,

WPS complete with no errors. I checked geo_* and met_em files, and everything is OK.
But when running wrf.exe, last 2 domains (888 and 296m) have the same landuse and hgt resolution as the third domain (2666m).
Due to that reason, the model stops after few hours. Usually there is a problem with CFL, but it seems that there is in fact a problem with nesting.

I'm running 3.5.1 version.

Appreciate any help, suggestion.
Thansk in advance.
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