Nest at different start times deliver wrong results

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Nest at different start times deliver wrong results

Postby hwalther » Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:51 am

Running 3 nests with equal start times is correct.
Starting the 3. nest 6 hours later results in zero at least for T2 and SW radiation for times 0-5 and 7-12 of the hourly results.
It looks like a shift of 6 hours.
Anybody expierienced with delayed start of a subnest?
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Re: Nest at different start times deliver wrong results

Postby adprest » Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:36 pm

I would like to delay my 2 fine nests (9, 3 km grid spacing) by 12 hours. I have changed the times of the inner nests in the namelist.wps file so that the following met grid files were created: (multiple files up to ending time) (only this file) (only this file

I then made changes to my namelist.input as follows and ran real.exe:
start_year = 1991, 1991, 1991
start_month = 09, 09, 09
start_day = 20, 20, 20
start_hour = 00, 12, 12

This created the following input files:
wrfinput_d01 (Times = "1991-09-20_00:00:00")
wrfinput_d02 (Times = "1991-09-20_12:00:00")
wfinput_d03 (Times = "1991-09-20_12:00:00")

I was able to successfully run wrf.exe after this but my question is whether or not the output is doing what I want. I read that the fine_input_stream is useful for a nest starting at a later time than the coarse domain. Does this mean that I just need to set the following in my namelist.input?
fine_input_stream = 0, 2, 2

Is there anything more I need to change to successfully have a 2-way interactive nesting that is delayed 12 hours from the coarse domain?

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