domain size and resolution with nesting

Discuss the nesting capability within the model itself and any problems you might have run into.

domain size and resolution with nesting

Postby gijs » Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:59 am

Hi All,

I would like to do a very high resolution forcast for a 10km * 10 km area and hav some questions about how to choose my domain sizes an resolutions. I initiate my runs with a GFS global run

outer domain:
Should i go for a larger and lower resolution domain
f.ex what is the best
* europe,50 km resolution
* netherlands, 5 km resolution
I assume there are some boundery effect so the larger-lower resolution domian is a better choice, and i increase resolution in the nests. Is this correct? and if so how much larger sould i choose my outerdomain than the region that i am intrested in?

can i have other ratios than 1:3?
f.ex. what is best:
* 1 innerdomain with ratio 1:27
* 3 nested domains with each a ration 1:3 to their parent domain

size of innerdomain: can i choose the smallest possible domain (= size of the area i am intrested in) or should i account for boundary effetect and choose a larger domain
what is the highest resolution i can run at ? the Geographic data says 2m and 30s (what thus 30s means?) can i run a nested domain at f.ex at 2m resolution?

regards Gijs
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