ndown and WRF-LES

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ndown and WRF-LES

Postby wangf » Thu Oct 14, 2021 10:15 pm

Hi, everyone!
I encounter some problems when I run the WRF nest LES recently.
3 domains are used in my simulation, d01 and d02 (resolution are 7.5km and 1.5km) are WRF-MESO simulation and d03 (resolution is 0.3km) is WRF-LES. Here, the terrain data of 90m resolution from SRTM are used in d03. After successfully getting the wrfout_d02, I run ndown.exe to obtain the input and boundary files of d03. Then I run wrf.exe again for LES simulation. After a few minutes, the variables suddenly become 0 or NaN. However, the program is still running. Do you know the reason?
In addition, if I need to refine the vertical resolution, I set vert_refine_method = 2 and refined eta_levels for d03, but the result of ndown.exe still is as same as d02. How to solve it? Note! my WRF version is 3.9.1.
Thanks for your help!

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