Running WRF with ECMWF ERA-Interim Dataset

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Re: Running WRF with ECMWF ERA-Interim Dataset

Postby arianna.v » Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:56 am

I have tried your solution and it works also for me, the only problem is that I have a weird interpolation of the skin temperature on some areas: especially a coastal sea-area in north Adriatic which in July has 282K and surrounding areas (both land and sea) has 296K.

I tried changing both WPS version and simulation period, resolution and METGRID.TBL masking and interpolation.

Has anyone the same problem?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Running WRF with ECMWF ERA-Interim Dataset

Postby aimeusdietger » Sun Nov 04, 2018 4:09 pm

Eowyn wrote:Hi all,

Thanks for all the contributions to this thread to date. It helped me navigate the model vs pressure level issue, , get ungrib and metgrid working, and determine that calc_ecmwf_..exe wasn't necessary if you use pressure levels. All good things.

I'm using pressure-level data, my Vtable is Vtable.ECMWF

Now, real.exe is failing with:
Missing surface temp, replaced with closest level, use_surface set to false.
Missing surface u wind, replaced with closest level, use_surface set to false.
Missing surface v wind, replaced with closest level, use_surface set to false.
PGFIO-F-219/formatted write/internal file/attempt to read/write past end of record.
In source file ../dyn_em/module_initialize_real.f90, at line number 1020

My intermediate files have TT,UU,VV at 1000hPa. So how do I get ungrib to set the surface temp, surface u wind, etc variables? I have a feeling it is in the Vtable but I don't have any experience messing with those.

Thanks in advance,

Update: I was able to modify METGRID.TBL to use the 1000hPa values as the surface values by following this advice from an old FAQ:
Q . If my input data has no surface information, how can I fill the surface level data with the lowest model level data?
A. If your input data does not have any surface fields (e.g. 2 m T, 10m U, V, etc.), you can simply edit metgrid/METGRID.TBL, and add a line like the following for TT, QV, UU and VV:


where X will be the number of the lowest model level in your input data. For example, you can set

In this example, 1000mb temperature is filled in as surface temperature. In program REAL, you should then set use_surface = .false.

>>> Real still crashes, but for some other reason. I will edit this post if/when I solve that. EDIT 2: Fixed! I used this solution (in which a block of text is added to rrpr.f90 in ugrib/src/): ... SFC#p16075

Hey, have you managed to solve the crash issues?? i will have to read through your post several times so as to understand how got about.. so far so good ,,thanks for the detailed information!
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