The RUC land-surfacemodel

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The RUC land-surfacemodel

Postby ChenShuying » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:52 am

Hi everybody,

It is my first time to use the RUC land-surface model as I always use the Noah. However, today I suddenly find that when use RUC we should set the num_soil_layers = 6, I still set 4 as I used in Noah. But WRF is running stably now with RUC and 4 for num_soil_layers. So, what happens with the RUC now? Did it means that RUC can works with 4 soil layers too and dose it have any bad influence? Or when I choose RUC, wrf will use num_soil_layers = 6 automatically?
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Thanks ALL, very much!
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