Direct an diffuse irradiance

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Direct an diffuse irradiance

Postby Ivana » Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:49 am

Hello everyone,

I am using WRF NMM and I need direct and diffuse irradiance in my output.
I checked my Registery and variables "SWDDIR", "SWDDNI" and "SWDDIF" have "h" in 8th column.
But when I run the model there is no variables with that name in my output.
I have DLWRF, DSWRF, ULWRF, USWRF in my output.
Is DSWRF (Downward short wave flux [W/m^2]) same as "SWDDNI" (Shortwave surface downward direct normal irradiance" "W/m^2" ")
If it is, what is diffuse irradiance?
I am using

Any help or advice will be helpful.
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