BEM/BEP not working with smpar? 3.8v

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BEM/BEP not working with smpar? 3.8v

Postby BHajni » Tue May 29, 2018 12:38 am

Hi All,

I've run into this problem before and I thought that I've missed something but recently I've got access to a different type arch. system as well and the problem persists.
So the problem is that when compiling the WRF in smpar mode urban BEM/BEP simulations fail at initialization usually with a memory leak error. Compiling in dmpar seems to resolve the issue. (gcc+openmpi ... that's the only available ... don't ask)
However now I don't have the option to compile in dmpar because it depends on a not yet installed package, and I don't know yet whether the administrators will install it.

Has anybody else encountered this before? Is there a way to overcome it aside dmpar? It could be that I'm missing something.

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