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Large difference between WRF output and observed data

PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:24 pm
by Jervie_03
Hi Guys can you help me on figuring out the possible problems that i encountered when I generated a heavy rainfall events in my domain, there is a big difference between the observed value and generated output from WRF. I tried the following sensitivities
1. varying radiation physics
2. cumulus physics scheme
I'm done the following schemes
G3D with Mp =6 and ra_sw/lw = 5
KF with Mp = 6 and ra_sw/lw = 4
BMJ with Mp =6 and ra_sw/lw = 5
BMJ with Mp =6 and ra_sw/lw = 4
but none of them was closer to the observed value particularly the rainfall.

I'm more particular on minimum and maximum temperature, dtr and rainfall.
What must be the possible combinations

thank you.