Visualizing WRF output on 3D platforms using VRUI

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Visualizing WRF output on 3D platforms using VRUI

Postby LejoFlores » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:42 pm

Does anyone have any information or resources on efforts/code to visualize WRF output on 3D platforms? Specifically, I am interested in a processor for the VRUI platform to load in netCDF output from WRF. The objective is to be able to use WRF output (both land surface and atmosphere) on a 3D projector in some classes that I teach. There are ways that the netCDF data can be hacked to input into VRUI (i.e., changing WRF output to a pseudo point cloud, reading WRF 3D snapshot output in as a succession of 2D layers) but it seems like these are rather inefficient.
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