coordinate problem

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coordinate problem

Postby eus » Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:07 am

Could someone help me solve a problem I am having with my wrf output:

when I run cdo sinfon this is my coordinates:

XLONG_V : min = -39.2262802 max = 14.8362789 degree_east
XLAT_V : min = -4.76920319 max = 27.726326 degree_n

now I view directly with ncview, ARWpost in grads or other I am having this coordinates:

LON set to 320.774 14.8363
LAT set to -4.49427 27.4819

Of course when you try to display you have an error with min longitude > max longitude

Is the problem coming from WPS or WRF namelists?
Urgent help needed.

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