Ungrib issue with CFSV2 data

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Ungrib issue with CFSV2 data

Postby xqu2019 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:20 pm

I'm trying to ingest CFSV2 data to WPSV4.1 and WRFV4.1.1. The compilation went fine. I'm using intel fortran and c compilers. The compiler choice for WRFV4.1.1 is 6 and the nesting option is 1. WPSV4.1 was compiled with jasper, png and z libraries. I downloaded the global data. The ungrib and metgrid finished without any error and warning. But upon the examination, I found that variables which are supposedly interpolated from CFSV2 data (for example, sea level pressure) are distributed incorrectly. Also, pressure-level relative humidity can be 20000%. I attributed the issue to ungrib. It seems like that WPSV4.1 cannot successfully ungrib CFSV2 data. I wonder if anyone has encountered this issue before. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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