ungrib SST probelm

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ungrib SST probelm

Postby acamras » Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:38 pm

I am having trouble ungribbing SST data correctly.

I'm originally working from a text file containing SST data from the late 1800's (HadISST1_SST_1870-1900.txt). We have a fortran code that reads the data from the text file into a gempak file. I then use gdgrib to make a grib file. Both the gempak file and grib file show reasonable SST fields (I used IDV to view them).

In this case, the grib parameters are: Grib Name = WTMP, Grib Code = 80, Level Code = 1. I used the Vtable.NNRP for ungrib since it matched the parameters. Ungrib seems to run okay, not giving any errors. I get the intermediate file SST:1988-03-15_00 and set this as a constant in the namelist.wps since it is interpreting 88 as 1988 rather than 1888. Metgrid seems to run okay as well, also not producing any errors. However, when viewing the met_em files with ncview, the SST field comes up as a constant field of 173.16 K.

Can anyone explain why this would be happening?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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