Idealized cases: how to set a constant radiative cooling?

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Idealized cases: how to set a constant radiative cooling?

Postby MaxC » Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:09 pm

I have started to run WRF V3.6 as an idealized case based on the seabreeze2d_x example (but without any land). I have asked a few people around me, but it seems that no one knows enough about idealized runs to help me, so I would like to send the question to the forum.

I would like to generate convection in this 2D case, over a simple ocean, with added heating perturbations. My initial sounding is quite moist and should be very good to enhance convection. But the heating perturbations just dissipate with time, and no convective occurs. So I guess my radiation processes are not right. In the namelist, I have tried ra_lw_physics = 1 and 4 , and ra_sw_physics = 1 and 4 .

One of the solution to bypass my problem could be to change the radiation into a simple radiative cooling (for example a constant cooling by 2K/day), like in Radiative-Convective Equilibrium simulations. But how can I input such a radiative cooling? Do I have to put all the radiation physics (ra_lw_physics and ra_sw_radiation) to zero first? Then how to control the cooling?

For information, I compiled with smpar as it is a 2d case: Linux x86_64 i486 i586 i686, ifort compiler with icc (smpar).

Please let me know if you have any ideas that may help me go forward, as I have already spent quite a lot of time preparing this simulation.

Thanks in advance.
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