Ndown + Thompson MP...Won't run??

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Ndown + Thompson MP...Won't run??

Postby imfergus » Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:53 am

Hi all,

I am using ndown.exe to run a one-way nested, high-resolution simulation forced with lateral BC from an existing WRF run. I am using WRF 3.0 (I am using 3.0 instead of a later version for comparison to other 3.0 runs). I am running four cases, two with the Morrison microphysics (mp_physics=10) and two with the Thompson scheme (mp_physics=8). All four runs use identical WPS output. The two Morrison runs differ only in lateral BC; same for the two Thompson runs. The Morrison and Thompson runs differ only in the microphysics option -- i.e., the namelist.input files for real, ndown, and wrf are identical expept for mp_physics.

The two Morrison runs execute without any problem, and the output looks good. The two Thompson runs, however, do something very strange. The runs generate rsl.out.**** and rsl.error.**** files, don't list any errors in the files, and the files end with " wrf: SUCCESS COMPLETE WRF"...but there is no output, and no timesteps are logged in the rsl.out.**** files!

I changed mp_physics in the wrf namelist.input to Kessler (mp_physics 1) just to see if this is a Thompson issue, and the job ran successfully. Output looks fine.

So it appears that Thompson won't run with ndown? Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a known fix? I haven't been able to find any information about this online.

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